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Is what’s around me really reality or is it what I think it would be?  Everyday I’m so confused and don’t know what is going on.  How can this be that my life is full of all these thoughts that roam in my brain.  Thoughts that I make up and put there, made up of imaginary feelings and emotions.  This plagues me as I sit and constantly think of what is real?  How do I know that what I’m feeling is real and that what I’m perceiving is real?  I don’t think I will ever know.  It’s real to me but is it really real?  This life has me questioning everything that has been going on in my life.  Actually I have come to realize that is doesn’t matter what is happening or what is going on.  I need to accept all things in my life and take the good with the bad and know that things are neither good nor bad.  They all just are what they are.  Once I can establish that and have self-acceptance than all my questions will melt away.  How is it that we burden ourselves with made up thoughts and emotions?  We blame others for our heartache and feel that people are out to hurt us when the truth is that is not the case.  People all around me are living their lives and not concerned about if their actions are hurting me all they care about is what they want to do in their own lives.  I’m coming to terms with the fact that I should not blame anybody for any heartache or hurt because it is my own thoughts and emotions that are making me feel this way not someone else.  I can perfectly place good thoughts in my mind and be happy just like that.  It takes just one thought to change a perception.  A perspective, that’s all the world really is.  Each and every human has their own perspective and no two are a like which is why we find it so hard to get along with one another and not be disappointed in one another.  Let go of all expectations we have on others and just learn to live and love each other the way we all are.  Even if someone else’s actions hurt you that doesn’t give you the right to blame them for your sadness.  Take responsibility for your own life and you will soon be happy and not worry about what others are doing or not doing for you.

Love the Life you Live ~ Live the Life you Love.


“Headache, headache bothering me!

Maybe now I will listen to my heart say, HEAR ME PLEASE!”


“My Brain hurts..I think that means I should stop using my head and start using my heart.”

What is this spiritual journey that I see myself on?  Could it be that all this time I been seeing “it” but never really realizing “it”.  I see myself changing, I feel myself growing into the person I have always wanted to be.  Loving, caring, supporting, guided and hopeful.  The Angels and God do exist and are telling me to keep reporting to them my every fear, doubt & emotion.  They will show me the way as I am never unnoticed because to them I am everything while to me sometimes I am nothing. 

I feel this satisfaction in my soul that sometimes feels so out of control.  I feel it in my heart, mind-body & soul.  Looking deep inside of me I see the true reflection that IS me.  At peace and full of joy with all that God as put in front for me to see.  This new start of my journey keeps me going.  I know there is more to see if I just allow God to work through me.  My intuition will bring me where I need to be.  Following it will take me to my DESTINY.



Stranger you started out to be

not knowing what was in store for me.

And in that first encounter

I knew there was something about you

My soul could feel your energy.


We started talking and little by little

My spirit was set free

By the words you expressed to me.


Spending more time together

Eventually becoming closer

A confidant & friend

You won me over.


Now we laugh, we joke

We sometimes even smoke.

But when we lay in silence

It’s as if nothing needs to be said,

For right here and now is all that’s in our heads.


I feel your heart beating

Never have I felt such a feeling.


I feel open and free

with all his love surrounding me.

I know there is more to him

Than what people can see.


God’s angel is what I see

That came into my life to rescue me.


A touch from his hand

The sound of his voice

He stares into my eyes

and leaves me no choice.


All my walls come down

The doors all unlocked

I think he has found the key

to my heart.


A stranger no more

In which he started out to be.

Accepting what this universe has given to me

I know that what is meant to be

will eventually be.

As I sit and think about this feeling inside

All sorrow and emptiness starts drilling my mind.


Nobody to blame for this sickness within.

So I crumble & crumble until feelings of shame

begin to cover my veins.


My glass is half empty

My glass is half full

What’s left of this life

Has got to be bull.


This thing that’s inside me

it drains to the core.

For Pessimism is a disease

that leaves the heart sore.


You had my heart

You had my soul

And somehow now

We have lost all control.


My trust and my love for you

Will have to be restored

For the man you once were in my eyes,

Is no more.


I hear you plead your case

In hopes to restore

The perfect heart I had for you

Which is now back in stores.


Your actions burned deep

Through the product at hand,

My heart useless and un-repairable

Fall to your demands.


Search and search is what I do,

With answers unfound

I’m left crushed & confused.


With miles between us

And resolution not in sight.

I decide to turn off my pride and

Prepare for the fight.


My mind unsure

If it’s worth the challenge

Yet, my heart is at attention ready for anguish.


Thoughts unclear

Heart is racing

I wonder if he’s worth chasing.


 As I prepare for battle

I simply say,

“He is MY best friend and NOBODY can take that away.”


As time passes by,

My heart still bears the pain

Where I used to smile

At the thought of your name.


With the future left unknown

And the battle unended.


I wait for your return with

Hopes that my heart

Can be mended.


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